Civil Works Division

Although a lot has changed since 1951, Gee Bee Construction are proud of our roots and have continued to hold a strong role in local Civil Works with a primary focus on road building since our inception. The on-going commitment we have for Civil Works is a constant.

Throughout the years, there has been a growing demand for expansion throughout the prairies. With this demand comes a need for competent experienced contractors. We have been a leader and innovator in Civil Works, and in response have broadened our scope of work.  

We have completed numerous contracts for culvert installations and road repair in both rural and urban locations throughout Saskatchewan. We keep in mind that although Saskatchewan is 6th in Canadian population and only 5th in overall size, there are more roads in our home province than in any other province. This is due to our large rural and resource based industries. We are aware Saskatchewan is not just agriculture rich, but mining and oil resources are among the largest in the world, creating a huge need for roads and on-going road maintenance. 

As the prairies continue to grow in both rural and urban communities, Gee Bee Construction has built many subdivisions for a number of years.